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Attract new customers or connect with an existing client base. A commercial marketing video can help you expand your business and showcase your products in their best possible light. 

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Take your project to the skies with ExploreMore Media. We have over 6 years of international drone expertise to facilitate your arial needs. 

Whether it be for advertising, tourism, architecture or arial surveys, we've got you covered.

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Want a live event recorded for posterity or creatively captured to share with the wider world? Look no further than ExploreMore Media. Conferences, fundraisers, parades and live performances captured in pristine 4K resolution.  

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From real estate & housing developments to large construction projects, we provide high quality photo & video products to service the development sector from inception to completion.  




Video is a great way to train and support your workforce in today's ever-changing corporate landscape. 

We can furnish your business with the very best videos for Human Resources, staff/equipment training and Health & Safety training.  

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Want to show the world what your local region/resort has to offer? 

Outstanding natural beauty, exciting activities or rich local culture. Whatever it is that makes your home so special, we want to help you share it with a wider audience.

We offer full marketing videos, footage gathering & editing services for tourism boards, local authorities and holiday resorts. 

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