Heather | Producer

Heather brings to bare her formidable creative and managerial talents in order to ensure every project is delivered quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standard.

An alumni of Vancouver Film School as well as being an Award winning Director in her own right, Heather understands the importance of maintaining a productive balance between creative considerations and logistical limitations so as to provide clients with a positive experience and a high quality product. Heather’s skillset and experience find her ideally suited to helm ExploreMore Media and create meaningful and lasting connections with our clients.

Rob | Director

Founder of ExploreMore Media, Rob has been committed to creating engaging and personality filled videos and stills for loyal clients for over 7 years.

Rob’s specialty is understanding his clients and introducing creative ideas that project their brand image and marketing goals appropriately. With significant experience in every climate, Rob and the ExploreMore Media Team take on projects that other crews could find too challenging. From coordinating helicopter and ground crews in the hight of BC summers to negotiating challenging off-road terrain in Iceland’s midwinter, Rob makes sure every client’s penny is well spent.

Ross | Creative Director

A graduate in Digital Film & Television from the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Ross has a decade of experience in the Video and Film production behind him. He is the recipient of a Royal Television Society award and a Canada Shorts award for his work as Cinematographer & Director respectively. He was also profiled in Digital Filmmaker Magazine (UK). Throughout his career Ross has worked both as an independent cinematographer as well as for the BBC. This extensive experience has furnished him with an intricate understanding of Cinematography, editing and story structure -which he uses to help to bring our clients creative visions to life.

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